The X-Wing Files Ep.1: I’ve Got a Bad Feeling About This

Welcome to The X-Wing Files!


Hosted by Logan, Ryan, Jacob and Elizabeth, lifelong Star Wars fans, each episode will explore their fandom, what they love (and sometimes don’t) about the Galaxy Far, Far Away and all the latest Star Wars news.

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  1. Awesome!!!

    So happy for you guys, glad to see this up and going. Can’t wait for the next one!!!

    Movie – Rogue One
    Character – Han Solo
    Scene – Obi-wan & Anakin dual on Mustafar
    Droid – K2SO

    Least Favorite
    Movie – Phantom Menace
    Character – Rey
    Scene – Leah’s space walk in Last Jedi

    Most heartbreaking moment – K2SO dying
    Best hero moment – Darth Vader when he throws the Emperor down the shaft in A New Hope

    – Robert

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